Superior toughened mirrors from WA’s glass experts

granant glass spashbacks toughened glass

    At Granart Glass Splashbacks, we supply a comprehensive range of superior toughened mirrors, as well as non-toughened varieties to our customers throughout WA. Whether you want toughened or non-toughened mirrors for the home or office, we’re sure to have something to suit your style and budget.

    Our expert team can help you to choose the right mirror for your purposes and advise you on the benefits and properties of the varieties we have available.

    Silver, bronze and grey non-toughened mirrors 

    granant glass spashbacks silver mirror

    Non-toughened mirrors are most commonly used in bathrooms, bars and bedrooms as they can crack or discolour when exposed to heat, making them unsuitable for use behind kitchen cooktops. These mirrors come with polished edges all around or bevelled edges and are available in a range of sizes.

    Some examples include:

    • Silver mirror with 20mm bevelled edges
    • Bronze mirror with 20mm bevelled edges

    Toughened mirrored glass splashbacks

    granant glass spashbacks toughened splashbacks

    Our toughened mirror range has two options, Dark grey smoked mirror or mid silver mirror. The dark grey smoked mirror is called "reflections" and the mid silver mirror is called "silver reflections". 

    Both these mirrors are part of our premium range. This will truly give your kitchen the wow factor.

    Call us today on (08) 9317 1602  for more information about our toughened mirrors in WA.

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