Magnetic Glass Splashbacks for Perth and Western Australia

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    Beautiful, sleek and efficient, magnetic glass splashbacks make an impact in your home or business in many different ways. This kitchen, bath or office design choice complements your striking design choices. Magnetic glass splashbacks give an instant injection of colour and practical use for any room.

    Magnetic glass maximises your wall space and has a minimum amount of maintenance. It can be applied to any surface that calls for materials to be secured. In your kitchen, recipes can be easily hung out of the way of your counter space while you prepare your favourite dishes. In the office, magnetic whiteboards offer pristine pin-up places for paperwork you need to continually refer to or grab at a moment’s notice.

    Stylish Glass Splashbacks and Whiteboards

    Some increasingly popular products at Granart Glass Splashbacks are our magnetic glass splashbacks and whiteboards. Whether you want to put up posters using magnets or need to scribble on the glass using a whiteboard marker, these are a great option for many of our domestic and commercial customers.

    Our magnetic whiteboards are being used more and more as presentation boards in offices, schools and universities. Unlike normal whiteboards, our glass whiteboards will never stain or keep the residue of ink, even after years of use. Just one wipe with methylated spirits and the ink will come off – even permanent marker wipes off with ease.

    We have great confidence in the quality of our product that we guarantee our magnetic glass splashbacks and whiteboards will never stain. Additionally, as with all of our other products, our magnetic glass splashbacks and whiteboards also includes a 10-year warranty on the glass.

    Customised Magnetic Glass Splashbacks

    Another feature of our magnetic colourback glass is the fact that you can paint it in any colour you require, so our customers can enjoy truly customised products that suit their home or workplace. Our expert team can assist you in recommending appropriate shades and styles, and will always ensure that you’re completely happy with the result.

    Practical, stylish, and affordably priced, if you want versatile glass that has multiple uses, then just chat to our team about magnetic glass splashbacks and whiteboards today.

    granant glass spashbacks magnetic splashbacks

    Professional Passion and Expertise

    This family-owned business has an accomplished background. Greg Andrews started Granart more than a decade ago with a vision for the future. Granart was one of the first companies to start the concept of coloured glass splashbacks in Perth, Australia. Now fully operated by his daughter Lea Andrews, Granart currently has a team of four professionals dedicated to only glass splashbacks and mirrors.

    The dedicated team at Granart has expert skill and knowledge in glass-related products, magnetic whiteboards and other design elements that can bring beauty as well as efficiency to your space. We offer a fresh approach to a long-time challenge of maximising space in tight areas, small bedrooms or offices, conference areas and commercial lobbies.

    Our accredited company can help you find the right design for your needs in a timely manner. To learn more about Granart’s expert team of professionals or to get answers to your questions about our products and installation process, call us today.

    If we can’t provide the assistance you need, we won’t waste your time. We’ll put you in contact with other companies we trust that might be able to help you instead.

    Call us today on (08) 9317 1602  for more information about our magnetic glass splashbacks in WA.

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